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Another bit of snake crossover. This one's NSFW.

Her skin is hot. )
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Some follow up to [ profile] nagasvoice's A Lesson in Improv, and [ profile] greenjudy's Keys, which followed my Dust & Ichor, all of which are a part of the developing The Principle of Moments storyline(s). These will (hopefully soon) all be hosted on the Principle of Moments site.

Will possibly be out of contact for day or two, depending on my ability to find wifi in Leavenworth. Wish me luck.

“I have information for you – a name, license plate number on a truck.” )
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Another foray into the world of [ profile] nagasvoice's bug wars. For more of this, see Naga's and [ profile] greenjudy's journals, as well as my posts that I've tagged as snake crossover.

Hope I'm not taking too many liberties here, [ profile] nagasvoice. It just seemed the perfect place and time for the two groups to intersect.

This is the phone the bug’s calling card was used to reach. Doesn’t look like much. All the soft hairs on Wren’s arms are standing up. )
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There probably won't be a Satyr Crack installment today, because I'm playing around with this snake crossover idea instead. Hopefully I'll be in a satyr mood tonight at work, and will get some writing done during my break.

Also, I, uh, got the apartment. I move in on October 1st, when it's been vacated by the current tenants and cleaned. Already signed the lease and put the first $200 of my deposit down as a holding fee.

Again, for more information on what this bit of writing is about, see the journals of [ profile] nagasvoice and [ profile] greenjudy, and also the things I've tagged with snake crossover.

“Either someone out there is doing some very, very illegal genetic engineering, or we’re about to be invaded by aliens.” )
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Bowed down to temptation. Joining in here with [ profile] nagasvoice and [ profile] greenjudy in exploring the bug-infested potential world they've created. For some idea of what the HELL this is all about, check out their journals (under the tag "snake crossover" in GJ's, and all OVER the place in Naga's).

Jian doesn’t have an answer for her. )


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