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Blah blah blah, not an artist, etc, etc. Here's a picture I did of Jian Yuan and Wren. (Yes, I totally used like 6 or 7 reference photos, especially for the hands.)

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Many of my characters, though not all, have been with me since before I hit my teen years. A couple days ago, one of my friends gave me a picture she had drawn of the character that became Wren - who at the time was called "Q" - and it reminded me of all the little things that seemed so important to her character design at one point or another, but that slowly changed as her character evolved. Of course, that made me want to document these changes somehow, so I drew a picture at work last night. (As always, standard "I am not an artist" disclaimer applies.)

Thus, I give you the evolution of Wren.

And then I colored it, because I'm a dork. )
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I got bored, and whipped up a quick coloring job on the design sketch I did of Zsuzsa.

I'm kind of annoyed - I ordered the faux snakeskin vinyl for her tail on December 24th, but haven't heard anything from the store I purchased it from, and it hasn't arrived. =_=
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I did a sketch of Zsuzsa the other night at work. I'm actually pretty proud of this one - I'm not much of an artist, so this is damned good, for me. I did use a photo of a model I found online as a reference for the position of her torso and arm.


Aug. 2nd, 2009 07:33 pm
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Anyone who reads my LJ is doubtless familiar with Wren and Jian Yuan, but I'm also (slowly) putting together the core group of their coworkers in the World United Nation Police Organization (WUNPO). Here's a drawing I did of the other characters that will eventually have bodies as part of WUNPO.

I'd like to reiterate that I am not an artist. Please forgive.

I am not an artist, but I really wanted to get these down. )
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Okay, so here, below the cut, are a couple photos of a sketch I made of Hideo at work the other night. They're basically the same as the original ones (also made at work, ironically, but that was around three years ago, in the coffee stand), with the exception of the fact that Hideo's hair is now shorter, and the original design had slightly different proportions because I thought I was going to be working with a 1/4 scale Blue Fairy Little Fairy body, not the 1/3 scale Dreamingdoll body I ended up using (which I like a LOT better, mind you).

Please excuse the semi-horrible focus (I are sleepy, and I do not have access to a scanner at this time), the bad lighting (Dim!Bedroom!Lights!With!Flash!), and the fact that I draw like a drunken schoolmarm on a rollercoaster. You can, in fact, blame this post on [ profile] euphorias_child. It's all her fault. ^_~

Pictures under here. )

And now, I am going to bed, Father's Day gift in hand for tomorrow, if not exactly wrapped yet. Yeah, gift wrapping, like drawing, is not one of my skills.
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While at Sakura-Con in March, I commissioned quite a few pieces of art. I got one of Talon and Darryl, one of Rafe, and one of Wren, all from one artist (who did a great job, especially on the Rafe one). I'll probably get around to scanning and posting them for you eventually.

And then there was Emily Warren, whose artwork just blew me away, but her prices also came pretty close to PWNing my wallet. Still, I had to get something from her, and after talking to her about the fact that she prefers to draw women, and isn't really all the comfortable with drawing men, I settled on Wren. She finally finished it, and sent me a quick scan for my approval before she mails the original to me.

I think I really couldn't be happier. This is Wren as I see her in my head.

Check out those guns, too. )
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So, ages and ages ago (like, back in December of 2006) I commissioned Ecthelian of DeviantArt (aka Kuma Wind, which is the name I met her under at Y-con) to do a possible cover for The Machiavelli Protocol. She finally finished it yesterday, and here is the result. The file I have is 300dpi, so it's HUGE, but the one on DA is smaller.

There are a few things about it that aren't perfect (whoa, Jian apparently wears his combat cargos like a valley girl wears skinny jeans! ...duuuude...), but I'm still thrilled. And while I doubt I'll be using it as a book cover (despite how it was intended) because I have other plans in that area, it's still pretty cool. Maybe this could be the cover for a 'limited private printing' or something. Hmm.

Isn't Wren's bicep and shoulder freakin' hot?