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Learning my way around the Bobcat. Read half-way through the manual (again - I already had a copy from the internet, which I read a week and a half ago), then field-stripped it. Surprisingly easy to do. So tiny! Fits my hands perfectly, which is a nice change from the other guns I've handled. And I was right - the random spare clip I have is the one made by Beretta for this gun. Which makes me grin - it was fate, apparently, for this to be my first.

I should be sleeping right now, since I work tonight, but I'm going to spend some more time familiarizing myself with the gun. Because, you know. Excited.

I guess this means my pistol-owning cherry has well and truly been popped. ^_______^

(I'm also surprised by how FAST the check with ATF cleared. It's supposed to take 7-14 days. I filled out the paperwork after noon on Wednesday, and the dealer called me today to tell me I was good to go and to come pick up my gun. @_@ That's only three days. Just under a week from ordering to having the gun in my hands, and that's without a CCW, because I haven't gotten one yet.)


May. 1st, 2009 11:23 pm
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Just purchased a Beretta Model 21A (Bobcat) in .22 LR (as opposed to the other option, .25 ACP). Matte black. Now I've got to run around to the local dealers tomorrow and figure out who I want it shipped to, so I can pick it up.

So. Excited.


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