Aug. 29th, 2008

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Some follow up to [ profile] nagasvoice's A Lesson in Improv, and [ profile] greenjudy's Keys, which followed my Dust & Ichor, all of which are a part of the developing The Principle of Moments storyline(s). These will (hopefully soon) all be hosted on the Principle of Moments site.

Will possibly be out of contact for day or two, depending on my ability to find wifi in Leavenworth. Wish me luck.

“I have information for you – a name, license plate number on a truck.” )
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UPDATE: I'll be out of town from now until late Sunday evening. I may or may not have internet access during that time. (Also, I settled on Wren after all.) And yes, I know I've fallen terribly behind in writing the Satyr Crack. I promise I'll return to it, but I'm focusing my creative (free) time/energy on the snake crossover stuff for a bit.

Okay, guys. I have myself a conundrum. A strange one. I'd like advice, if anyone has the time and inclination.

I'm going to Leavenworth this weekend with my family. I'm only able to bring one doll. I have not been able to decide who I want that doll to be.

It's a Bavarian theme town, mostly. I've been leaning toward Wren - she could very well have spent time in a similar place, or in Bavaria itself, during her aimlessly-wandering-the-world period of life - or the Davlin-creature slowly taking shape - there are some nice photo opportunities there, too, though I imagine the Satyr-crack world, at least at the time of Tlaloc, is a bit less shiny than Leavenworth. I like both ideas. I'm open to other suggestions, too.

Help? (I know, I know, I'm useless.)


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