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A piece of writing that follows directly after 聯盟 [lián méng], set in Ming Jian Yuan's point of view. This is a bit of an exercise on my part, as I've not written much in Jian's POV before now, because of the fact that The Machiavelli Protocol as I had it planned up until now was told almost entirely in Wren's POV. So while I'll probably never use this in the novel, it was a good experiment for me, and I enjoyed it. I wrote this by hand (which I NEVER do) in a little notebook I've been carrying around with me at work and school.

The Precipice )

And for those waiting on them, I am working on the prompt responses. ^_^ Gleefully. I still need a bit more info from some of you before I can begin yours, though.
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Prompt Submission Closed for Now

(While I work on what I've gotten.)
May open again later.

What it says. I want some prompts, and I want them to be about other people's characters. I want to write using characters other than the ones I normally work with. I might produce a drabble, it might be a ficlet. I doubt anything will really qualify as a full short story, but you never know.

There ARE rules.

1) No matter how well you think I know the character, I want at least one link (or you can eMail it to me, if you prefer, at to an example of YOUR writing about them/using them. Character profiles would be nice, if you've got them already put together, but aren't what I'm talking about. I want some fiction that uses them, so I can get a taste of their personality, their quirks, their tendencies. Their brain, if you will.
2) Can be one or more characters, but if you give me a huge group I can't promise I'll use them all.
3) I don't care how often you write with them...if they're fanfiction characters, I won't do them. I'll do characters named after or inspired by the characters of others (doll people, this probably mostly applies to you), but that's it. And I reserve the right to decline such characters (though if I do, you can suggest another), because in many cases they aren't really the point of this exercise. For example, a character named Gaara who lives in a big city in the somewhat distant future, has red hair and green eyes, and fights zombies to survive each day would be totally appropriate (and fun). A character named Gaara who lives in the desert and likes sand would get a big fat middle finger.
4) I want more than just character names. Names, locations, situations, items to interact with, things to muse on (for first-person pieces), anything. But not just names.
5) You want smut, I'll write smut. But you'd better give me some DAMNED good insight into the dynamics of the relationship first. I won't write non-con for these requests.

For examples of previous successful prompts formats (though of a different nature than these), see This Post. It should give you an idea of the kinds of suggestions that will get the most response from me. There is such a thing as being TOO specific.

If I think of anything else, I'll add it, but that's all for now. So Prompt Me Hard!

(This experiment brought to you by the fact that I'm taking creative nonfiction right now, and I want to write some fiction so bad I'm going to start chewing my toes off soon. And this week's prompt at Resinality just isn't doing it for me.)

NOTE: I've screened most of the posts of character writing examples, because quite a few people have indicated they didn't necessarily want their work-in-progress type stuff bandied about the internets. And I know that I usually feel that way myself.


Finished Prompts
[ profile] greenjudy: Ira. The Prospect of a Car (red). Echoes of Uncle Arved (take however you like). Girls. Eric Tseng's private study.

In-Progress Prompts
[ profile] doll_paparazzi: Christian, Trent, and Apollo (and the rest of the Loft) dealing with an injured Darryl (and vice-versa).
[ profile] lionhearts: Not yet decided.
[ profile] annie_chan: Sashenka Romanov (Sashe). Dietrich. Manhattan, 1949. Hotel lobby - spy as businessman. Night scene in hotel dining room - "Have we met?" He asked, "A man does not easily forget seeing eyes like yours."
[ profile] urchinmoppet: Christopher. Noah. Prompt not yet decided.
[ profile] torimiko: Not yet decided.
[ profile] kurimja: Kaelen with broken chalice. Young Umbrae. Forest or mansion gardens.
[ profile] mamon_lugi: Older Luke. Older Bu. Bu was missing, and now he's back.
[ profile] mamon_lugi: Marduk. Umbrae. Sparring. Rain.
Prompt Submission Closed for Now
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Written in response to the Week #24 challenge/prompt on Resinality's ABJD Writing usergroup. Prompt was "the fondest memory." A bit longer this time around, more up to my usual length. Inspired also by a recent experience of my own at the hospital (I owe one of my fellow officers for the fact that I can still type and my arm is not in a cast right now - it took nine people to subdue the patient in that instance, and I really wish the cop had thought to use his taser, rather than holding onto the guy's other arm along with two other people and leaving me to deal with the left arm all on my own).

50,000 Volts )


Apr. 17th, 2008 09:59 am
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Written in response to the Week #22 challenge/prompt on Resinality's ABJD Writing usergroup. Prompt was Michael Langley's poem, "Rune" (shown below). A bit late in posting it, sorry. I'm behind in transferring things from other places to here, so expect to see quite a bit of writing from me over the next week or so.

Poems in the palm of the hand, life-line,
Fingers tapping the ridge of the shin-bone,
The bridge of the nose, fingerprints, breath;
Then the silvery skin of the lifeless,
Ivy increasing the secrets, the answers--
The physician's power in cold dwellings,
Candles behind this veil of synonyms,
A blind man's lovely wife and signature.

Jealousy )
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Written in response to the Week #21 challenge/prompt on Resinality's ABJD Writing usergroup. Prompt was "surprise." Another short one. I'm not sure how I feel about this. The tone seems a Thoughts?

She was looking at him a bit strangely, and her body language said that any second now she was going to suggest he sit down. )


Mar. 8th, 2008 05:12 am
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Written in response to the Week #20 challenge/prompt on Resinality's ABJD Writing usergroup. Prompt was "lost." Another short one. Aiko's views do not necessarily reflect my own.

Missing )
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Written in my ENG 525 (Cybernetic Fiction) class, back in...Spring 2007? Winter 2007? Something like that. About a year ago. I don't think I've ever posted it here. I could be wrong. If I have, please don't hit me.

If you're confused, don't feel bad. I think there are only two people (aside from myself) out there who will understand this. In addition, it was written in response to the style of Pynchon in Gravity's Rainbow, which among other things means it's something of a mindfuck purely by default.

Exquisite Binary )


Feb. 20th, 2008 08:03 am
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Written in response to the Week #19 challenge/prompt on Resinality's ABJD Writing usergroup. Prompt was "smells/tastes/sounds like midnight." The connection this time is more explicit than last week's, no? Also, much shorter than my usual. A mere snippet of a scene, with bare hints of what's going on.

Midnight )


Feb. 18th, 2008 11:21 pm
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Written in response to the Week #18 challenge/prompt on Resinality's ABJD Writing usergroup. Prompt was "the evil inside." This is my perhaps non-standard response. Anyone see the connection?

Tetsubin )
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Written in response to the Week #17 challenge/prompt on Resinality's ABJD Writing usergroup. Prompt was "Tell me a secret."

Compact Scars )
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The last scene I wrote. Er...warnings for character death, violence, and general squick (I suppose - doesn't seem all that bad to me, but some might be bothered by it). GJ, the needles are for you. ^_~ Abigail is going to have taken it up, and there will be several (not yet written) scenes in which she'll be doing it.

Click here to read. )

EDIT: Also, what say you? Shall the madness continue?
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Since both [ profile] greenjudy and [ profile] saintsavin have requested it, here's some Darryl masturbation, ala a shower at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Unter den Linden 77, Berlin.

Um, not safe for work. Obviously. )
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Upping your wordcount tip #217: Have a character perform a complex (or simple!) procedure and explain all the steps.

I'd especially appreciate observations about the dynamic between Darryl and Abigail, and what thoughts it gives you about their relationship and how it might be defined or working. I'm playing with a couple different sets of cues here, some of them conflicting and some of them very similar but subtly different, and I want to know if it's coming across.

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Okay! So, I'm about six hours into day 5 of NaNoWriMo and I'm at...6,671 words. Which is pretty far behind my personal target of 2,000 words a day, but not terribly off the goal of 1,667 words a day (the minimum you have to write to hit 50,000 words by November 30). Also, it means that if I write 3,319 words today, I'll be right on for my personal goal. Woot!

In other news, here's a drabble (that's actually counted toward my NaNo wordcount, since it totally fits right into my novel) that was inspired by the Resinality prompt for Week Number 7 (this is in the ABJD Writing Usergroup, of course). The prompt was "Confessional." I wrote this yesterday, but then had some computer issues and wasn't able to post it until this morning.

Anyway, without further ado!

Mojito )


Nov. 2nd, 2007 11:20 pm
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So I'm in a novel class (a novel workshop, actually, where we each have to complete - by the end of the quarter - the first 30 pages of a novel, a rough outline of the novel, and a full 'agent' packet for submission to agents/editors [including hi line, log line, multiple synopsi, etc]) and I was one of the first people to submit. I decided to use Division by Zero, which is kind of the prequel/brother novel to The Machiavelli Protocol, and features Darryl, Talon, Abigail, and other various characters.

In the class, we received an assignment: Identify a 'secondary' character in something you've read or written, identify their prime characteristics, then write something that shows them displaying the opposite of one of those characteristics.

And several people wrote about Abigail!

One of them, Megan N, was kind enough to let me have a copy of her little drabble, and gave me permission to do whatever I want with it. It's actually amazingly in-character for Abigail, which is great.

Untitled Fanfic Drabble )
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Another prompt response for the Resinality ABJD Writing usergroup's Themes challenges. This was for the Week 5 challenge. The prompt was You Are the Moon by The Hush Sound.
Use the username and the password 'themes' to sign in if you don't have an IMEEM account.

A Silver Pin-Head Vast )
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Another drabble for the Resinality Writing usergroup Themes Challenges. This one is for week #4.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. But it's what the prompt made me think of. **shrug**

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Now closed for prompts. Have too much writing to do for school.

So...prompt me. Please. This is partially boredom induced, and partially in preparation for an entire quarter of two (yes, read it, not one but TWO) intensive writing fiction-centric Uni courses, plus NaNoWriMo in November.

Comment on this post with a pairing and/or a prompt word and/or situation, get a mini-fic-thing. It may be a one-liner, it may be a full drabble, it may grow legs and eat my soul. Who knows?

Fandoms I can probably manage
FF7 (would prefer not to do Advent Children, but could probably hack it)
Gundam Wing
Any of My Crew (obviously)
Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers ('s been a LONG time)
Avatar: the Last Airbender
Pern/Crystal Singers (and pretty much anything else by Anne McCaffrey - I've been on a reading kick lately)

Anything else...well, run it by me. I might be able to manage. If I can't, I'll let you know and you can try with something else if you want.

Finished Prompts
Who's Who Ball w/Darryl and Kuja - Prompt by Annie )
FFVII Rude, Wall Market, and a Blue Suit - Prompt by GreenJudy )
Gundam Wing 2x4 That's Not Noxiously Sappy - Prompt by SaintSavin )
Talon, Darryl, a Red VW Rabbit, and an Airport - Prompt by ITheRabbit )

In Progress Prompts
None - Closed for Prompts for Now
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A meme, gonked from [ profile] umiyuko who gonked it from [ profile] kimber_rose. Revised a bit.

Choose one (or more) of my characters and pick a stage in their life you'd like to see them in, and I'll write something on it, maybe a drabble, maybe a true short story. This includes expansion or definition of specific events that have been mentioned as happening in the past in their lives, as well as general things like "so-and-so-in preschool/basic training/the laboratory/etc."

The Rules

1. This is meant as an exploration of what they were like in stages of their life (past/future - wouldn't an elderly Wren and Jian be amusing?) that I don't normally write. I can do the present/norm, if that's what you want, but I'd prefer to expand with this.

2. I may incorporate characters of yours if you request it, or I may create new ones simply for the sake of the drabble, but I won't promise anything in that regard. It depends on how comfortable I feel with the characters, setting, and whatnot.

3. Alternate universes are fine, but run it by me first. If I feel it's in character, I'll use it.

4. I'll write sexual encounters if they seem to be flowing right, but please don't just request something like "___ and ____ screwing!" Because really...that's not a lot of fun. And no random couples that...really aren't/weren't/please-god-don't-ever-let-them-be couples. (eg: Don't ask for a TalonxWren **shudder**, DarrylxJian **blank stare...hysterical laughter**, UmbraexDarryl **dead**, or what have you. If you want sex, it'll have to be kept within established relationships.)

5. And finally, if there are any specific/side characters I've mentioned or written about that you'd like to see interact with one or more of my 'main group,' let me know and I'll try to work them in (if they were a part of their life during the time period/event requested).

Alright, people. Have at me. Please. I'm not feeling busy enough right now.


Feb. 10th, 2007 06:14 am
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For my fiction course we had to write a short (4-6 pages) focused scene. Here's mine. It's Hiiroshi-centric with appearances by Aiko, Daiichi, Hideo, and a random bum (for those who have some clue as to what that implies). For anyone else who happens on it a cyberpunky o-fic drabble.

Click here to read it. )