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These are some of my most recent eyes. Most of them are stock for the upcoming doll convention in Poulsbo, WA. They're not quite finished (the domes on them just finished curing), but at this stage, they're far enough along to give an accurate idea of what they'll look like when they're done.

These two pairs are 12mm, and won't be up for sale. The blue ones will be going to Wren, and the yellow-green ones are for my unnamed Lahela.

These will be added to my convention stock. One of the aqua ones has an imperfection on the surface (cat hair, or perhaps dust, that floated over and adhered during the long curing process - sometimes it just can't be avoided) that I'll have to clean up before they'll be ready for sale. One of the purple ones has some airbubbles near the pupil, but they form a really cool pattern (it looks like laser-etched numbers, or maybe Korean characters) that I won't be discounting them. Usually, eyes with more than one or two air bubbles, or with air bubbles that are prominent or in a bothersome location, will be discounted.

These are also bound for convention stock. The greenish ones on the bottom will be sold at a discount, as they have some prominent airbubbles, but not so many that I would consider them "junk." The yellow ones might end up being discounted slightly, as one of them has a couple of airbubbles in it, but they're not very noticeable and there aren't many of them, so maybe not. We'll see.

Date: 2012-04-19 02:17 pm (UTC)
just_lori: Dollshe Orijean, an alien like doll, customized to be an alien. (Alien)
From: [personal profile] just_lori
These are all so cool! I love the green and aqua colors.

Date: 2012-04-19 05:18 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] greenjudy
These are marvelous! I particularly love the yellow-gold ones. (For Martin, I'm thinking some mixture of gold and grey...I will email you soon, getting wisdom teeth out tomorrow and will be laying low for the following day or so.)


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