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Thinking about getting a Granado Nuevo body for Wren, in sunshine skin. I like the build of the custom Nobility doll body she's currently on, but the posing on it is bad, the resin quality is bad, it has bad seams, the hands and feet are bad (though I do have a pair of jointed hands on order for her - if they ever arrive, it's been over four months), and the breasts are too big. And because of the poor resin, I can't do any subtractive modifications to it (to fix the problems it has) without having to purchase an airbrush, or send it out to someone to be airbrushed so that the modified areas will match. By comparison, the Granado body has the right general shape, is a better height for Wren (a bit taller than the ND body), and the resin on it can be sanded without having terrible color loss, so I can do mods on it to add muscle definition as needed. Plus, it's a great poser. And I already know that I love Granado's bodies, since I have their 64cm male one. The only things I don't love about the Granado body are the length of the thighs (they're a bit long in proportion to her overall leg length), and I'm not sure how I feel about the hip joint (it looks like it might not be able to splay outward - but that's something I could probably fix, if it is indeed the case). Of course, I don't even know if the resin would match, since I haven't been able to find any Iplehouse Real Skin/Granado Sunshine skin comparison photos...but this purchase wouldn't be for at least 2-3 months, anyway.

Pondering, pondering.
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