Sep. 9th, 2012

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If you read this journal, you probably know about Ǝrəšiš, my custom creation. A LOT of hours of work went into making this girl. She was created for the 2011 Uncanny Dreams doll art show in Seattle, WA, as one of my display pieces. I hand-worked every part of her. Of all of my dolls, she is truly "mine."

Since then, she has been incorporated into the sign for my Innamorata Eyes display when I attend conventions as a vendor.

I've had many people approach me and ask to purchase her, both at the conventions and online. Of course, she isn't for sale, and never will be. I'm very attached to her. In fact, she even has more than one mirror! (So that she can "change outfits," so to speak.)

However, spurred on by how many people love her, I've recently decided to make a second mirror ABJD and offer it for sale. I have already acquired the mirror that I am going to use, and it is gorgeous - heavy, solid metal, and brass-plated, with an ornate border and beveled glass.

My dilemma in this project is threefold:

1) I'm torn on whether I should offer this as a complete custom doll, made to someone's specifications (up to a point - I would, for instance, be willing to incorporate a head that they already own, if it were compatible with one of the bodies that I have here to work with, but would not go on a hunt for specific head XYZ if they wanted it), similar to how I made Ǝrəšiš for myself (eyes made to their specifications, wig made or customized to their desires, jewelry made based on their suggestions, etc), or whether I should simply make a doll that follows my own vision.

2) If I do make a doll that follows my own vision, rather than allowing input from the person who will eventually own it, should I make it male or female? I have the parts here for both, and both would be equally fun and challenging for me.

3) And finally, if I follow option number two, and make the doll without any input from the future owner, should I make it as a full custom (wig, custom urethane Innamorata Eyes, possible outfit/adornments, and head with faceup), or should I let the person who eventually owns it choose their own head (perhaps a floating head that they already own), and just make the body/adornments/perhaps wig, and perhaps offer Innamorata Eyes of their choice with it?

I'm really not sure which of these would be best. All of them could be very enjoyable for me. I really just want to make sure that whoever ends up bringing this doll home will love how it turns out, because I will probably never make another mirror doll again - they just take too much work. I'm trying to figure out which one of the permutations above would best ensure that.


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