May. 27th, 2012

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These are stock from the convention that didn't sell, so I'm offering them online. I will also be listing some 12mm eyes and a small number (4 pairs) of 10mm eyes within the next day or so. (If you would like to purchase some of these 16mm or 14mm eyes, but think you might also like some of the 10mm or 12mm eyes, just let me know and I will reserve your selected 16mm/14mm eyes for you until the 10mm and 12mm eyes are photographed and I have them posted for you to peruse.)

Information about my eyes can be found here. All of my eyes are hand-made by me in urethane resin. I use premium quality materials.

Note that in some of these pictures, some of the eyes appear to have pupils that are not round. That is due to the angle of the photo and the light refraction in the dome (like when you put a straw in a glass of water and it looks like the straw is bending). All of my eyes have perfectly round pupils, which are themselves domed. This gives the eyes more depth and a "following" quality not seen in eyes with flat pupils.

Some eyes have bubbles, but unless they are obtrusively placed, very large, or there are lots of them, I don't discount for that. Bubbles are almost never visible when the eye is in a doll. If the eye has more than one or two very small bubbles, they have been noted in the description, and bubbles that I consider objectionable have been taken into account in the pricing.

All of my 16mm & 14mm eyes are $50 per pair, unless marked otherwise.

Shipping is $6 domestically for up to 10 pairs of eyes. All eyes come packaged in black plastic double-walled jars to protect them from light when in storage and to protect them during transit.

Please PM me or eMail me ( if you are interested in purchasing any of the eyes shown here. Eyes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The eyes for sale are under this cut. )


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